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Deliberations of a Future Pack-Pony

December 29, 2011

So being a girl of course I’ve now started to plan packing and written myself a 2-page tick-list of stuff; half of which still needs to be acquired. I’ve done my research though; I’ve unofficially surveyed my back-packing friends to find out which items they took on their adventures and never used and which items they wished they had taken but didn’t. I’d love to hear anyone else’s ideas!

So far the winning item for the “everyone took but not one person actually used” category is… (drumroll) – the compass! The runners-up in this category are sewing kits and high heels. Also, and here’s the controversial one – sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners. However, these also scored pretty highly in the list of things that people really wished they’d taken, so the jury’s definitely out on bed gear. Personally, after having spent several nights on trains and boat decks in Egypt with my teeth chattering so hard I thought they were going to fall out of my head, I’m definitely going to take my compressed-down-to-not-very-big-anyway sleeping bag. You never know where you’ll find yourself! Plus, if you’re in a less than hygienic hostel at least you can whip your sleeping bag out and be safe in the knowledge that you’re only sleeping in your own filth.

Other items in the most longed for list are:

  • spare batteries
  • warm socks
  • toilet paper
  • Marmite (good old Brits have good taste)
  • and salad cream (I’ll concede that one’s a bit more obscure)

As far as food-stuffs are concerned I heard a rather helpful tip somewhere re. pinching the sachets of salt, pepper and condiments from pubs; these make rather nifty travel-sized additions to hostel cooking. Also, my mother offered up a pearl of her infinite wisdom – “take a little tub of vegetable stock, you can guarantee you’ll be able to make something at least vaguely reasonable with local veg and rice as long as you’ve got some stock.” Sounds pretty sensible to me. I have to say I’ll probably leave the salad cream but a jar of our mate Marmite is definitely coming with me – if for no other reason than that its fun to freak out strangers to its mysterious yummy ways.

Any annotations to my list would be gratefully received!

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  1. December 30, 2011 11:07 am

    Such organisation is scary. Isn’t weight an important consideration? None of the things listed state their weights and that might help sort what is vital and what is not. For my penny’s worth I would suggest that you make sure that you have plenty of plastic bags (especially if they can be sealed and re-opened) these are brilliant for keeping things moist or dry, isolating smelly clothing and protecting things from spillages in a rucksack.

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