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Good-Bye to Blue Fairy Art

April 1, 2012

With just 4 weekends left before I fly to Bangkok (and those getting rapidly filled) I find myself more and more thinking of all the half-finished projects I’ll be leaving behind and how little recourse I will have to enjoy those projects any more. I am unquestionably a project person, notorious for never going to bed before midnight and rarely before 1am, because there’s always a project to be obsessively worked at. The idea of being out of the house from 8am till 6pm at work in my friendly, safe little office everyday, up to my elbows in spreadsheets and grey, then coming home to spend an hour having dinner and doing whatever odd jobs need doing and being in bed by ten is so depressing I can’t think too much about it without getting a knot in my stomach. If you do this it means that just 3 hours out of each day are actually yours to pursue the things that interest and stimulate you. In a whole working week just 15 hours of all 120 are actually yours to do what you want with (which is probably watching fat people and gypsies on the telly like me and my mum). Now don’t get me wrong, I love watching fat people programmes (we decided that it wasn’t ok to do that with a can of cider and a packet of crisps and now have to jog on the spot while we watch – damn you Jessie Pavelka and your chiselled abs), but I need more from life than just trying to work out which bit of anatomy each roll of a bariatric started out as.

On my shelf are 3 half-finished novels, a half-finished project to scan and make proper albums out of my family’s entire photograph history, a sketch book of half finished case studies and half-finished portraits and, most precious of all, a half-finished graphic novel. In the drawer under my bed are 3 half-finished canvases and a box of half-finished painted pendants. You may have gathered that I have a tendency to get swept up in the excitement of a new project and then quickly move on to something else; everything gets finished eventually though. You may have also wondered why this site is called Blue Fairy Pipe Dreams; the pipe dream bit is fairly obvious but the Blue Fairy less so – and no it’s not after this photo of me snoring like a trooper:

When I was in the second year of university I realised that in studying English Literature I had absolutely no proper incentive to paint anymore in a structured way. All through school and college I had studied art and always had a fresh supply of projects but suddenly I found myself artless, something needed to be done. So I started Blue Fairy Art ( and have re-designed it every other year since then with varying degrees of success. To start with it was fantasy portraits and prints and then it was tattoo designs, canvases, alternative portraits, the Daybreak series and most recently custom-painted clothes, bags and shoes. Without question the most success I’ve had has been with custom Converse trainers; for a brief while Blue Fairy Art started to take off to the extent that for the first time I could realistically see myself being able to make a living from it, particularly after the success of the Enliven project where I won the award for best commercial fashion creations (ironic as there are few less fashionable people than me). For a brief moment I almost waivered in my determination to travel, before me lay two paths; in one direction shops offering to stock my work and artistic opportunities. In the other direction adventure and almost-certain poverty. It wasn’t much of a waiver but I waivered none-the-less before buying my one-way ticket. Anyway, this blog is a tribute and goodbye to Blue Fairy Art for the foreseeable future. One day hopefully I will come back and revive it but in the mean time here’s my greatest hits and my last custom baby; a little bit of Blue Fairy to take along for the journey.

26 Sleeps! I think there’s room in the old bones for one last project yet.

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  1. April 1, 2012 11:21 pm

    You are extremely talented! It took me a long time but I finally realized that I needed to live the life I wanted to live and not the one others expected of me. This is not an easy path to take, but I am happier than I have ever been. Have the strength to follow your instincts and you will ultimately be fulfilled.

    • April 4, 2012 4:58 pm

      Thank-you! Sometimes decisions aren’t easy but even when you make the wrong ones you usually learn something from it – or at least get a funny story!

  2. April 2, 2012 10:33 am

    Your skills are fantastic and your drive and ambition even more so (and I don’t mean climbing the greasy pole of a career). All that you gain on your travels will be there for you to draw upon whether you decide to return or not. Whatever the case, with the range of things that you can do, you have the tools to squeeze every last drop out of your experience in your travels and whenever / wherever you stop you will be able to raise Blue Fairy Art, Phoenix like from its sleep and will have new and more strength to take it to heights that you can only have dreamed of.

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