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The Gift Of Music

April 26, 2012

I have the greatest friends; since my music collection consists of battered old CDs the lovely people got me an MP3 player and filled it up with wonderful music to take adventuring with me. I’ve never downloaded anything music/film/TV etcetera in my life, illegally or otherwise. I like albums, I like the feel of them in my hands and I like the pictures in the cover, however they are somewhat hard to carry around in significant numbers. Plus – and for this I have been mercilessly mocked – ipods weird me out a bit. Yes I know, it is 2012 now but they do. My mum likes canal boating and she likes the locks – you can look at a lock and appreciate the skill in it. It’s clever but you can watch it working and you can understand how and why it works and there’s a satisfaction in that. Now CDs are an enigma but ipods are just ridiculous; how, how, can you fit a music collection that would fill my entire bookcase six times over on something smaller than a credit card; it might as well be voodoo magic to me. How can Skin’s liquid mercury voice pour out of it with every in-breath and tone perfectly true to life when I can carry it around in the Johnny-pocket of my tightest jeans? It makes no sense. Anyway, I’m being dragged up to date before I go away so that I can avoid being completely music-less on my adventures – My lovely friend Will has effectively written the soundtrack to my travels and I can’t wait to get on my eleven and a half hour flight, put ‘shuffle all’ on and see what happens, although, knowing Will, a lot of what happens will be very weird and obscure. I feel very cool – I own an MP3 player full to the brim with lesser-known rock music!

Last night was our last night together. Before I went out my mum made me my last home-cooked meal of my absolute favourite. She won’t love me for posting this and I feel like before I do I should say that my mum is a fantastic cook and can make all sorts of wonderful things. However on my last night there’s only one thing I could have had and that’s her macaroni cheese with pea hair and a ketchup smiley face. There ain’t a person in the world that makes a cheese sauce like my mum – the fact that it contains about half a block of cheddar definitely helps. My attempts to replicate it have usually ended up in a lumpy gooey mess and a lot of wasted cheese.

The World's Greatest Macaroni Cheese

Anyway, after the absolute bestest nosh I went to my friends for the last hang-out which was great; I ended up curled up on the smallest sofa with my two boys in a tangled knot of limbs and beer cans chilling out and getting sentimental to Oasis’ Half The World Away ( which will now forever remind me of that last night with my besties. You’re all awesome, thanks for gifting me music – what else would anyone want to take away with them?

Tonight it’s Mexican food and sangria with my parents and then that really is it. The next entry may be from my new home in Thailand! I’ve found as long as I keep really busy (and pretty much don’t ever stop watching the Battle Star Galactica boxset) I can keep the anxiety at bay – otherwise its like a demented form of indigestion I can feel creeping up from my stomach and making my chest tighten. I’m dreading the airport tomorrow, it’s just going to be a horrendous sob-fest!

 Signing off from the United Kingdom: 1 sleep!

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  1. April 26, 2012 4:42 pm

    Don’t forget that you have a visit to a farrier tomorrow morning. We could not let you go without getting you re-shod for your adventure.
    And yes you have some great friends and you will be missed.

  2. April 26, 2012 5:38 pm

    that is cute beyond words that is

  3. April 26, 2012 5:41 pm

    eira, do you get dosh for having ads on your blog? I think you are selling out a bit 😉

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