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Starve a fever, nuke a cold

July 8, 2012

So before I left home I had heard that the Thais will prescribe antibiotics for a stubbed toenail and pretty hench drugs for anything at all. Well, I presumed that that was a bit of an exaggeration, until today. I’ve got a cold; chesty cough, bit of the sniffles – sleep it off kind of job. Small children are germ-riddled animals. I went to the pharmacist to get myself a bottle of cough medicine.

“dry cough or, um …mucus?” The lovely little lady asked me.

“Um chesty, er – mucus,” I responded (and as if on cue had a little coughing fit to give her an example).




“Nid-noy” (little bit).

“You allergic?”

“Mai-chai” (no).

She then gave me over the counter no less than three different courses of prescription pill, including a full course of antibiotics and explained how often I should take them. I’m am now on more drugs than I have ever been in my life at a grand total of eleven prescription pills per day until my snuffles go away. 1 set for the chest; 2 pills thrice daily. 1 for pain; 1 pill thrice daily (and they make you feel very squishy and woo). Plus the course of antibiotics.

In Britain we have an old housewives’ expression – ‘starve a fever, feed a cold.’ If Thailand has an equivalent expression if must be ‘nuke the shit out of a sniffle.’

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