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The Versatile Blogger Award

March 19, 2013


It’s been a good few days for me; I submitted my first visa application in Bangkok for my impending adventures (1 down, 4 to go), managed to find reasonably-priced farang-sized trousers in the land of size zero (wish that had happened 6 months ago so I wouldn’t have had to wear patched rags that are falling to pieces for so long) and then came home to find myself nominated by the lovely Karla of Traveller Soul ( for the Versatile Blogger award. The sun is shining on Eira! Although I wish the actual sun would chill out a bit – I’m pretty sure it’s trying melt my metal roof right now. Anyway, to the task at hand – thank-you so much to Karla for having followed me since I started and always having been so supportive!

So as a nominee, here are 5 very versatile facts about me:

  1.  In addition to teaching, since I’ve been in Thailand I’ve also been re-designing an Indian restaurant and struck up a bit of a partnership with a560947_715420290162_1415057533_n local tattooist that’s seen me designing tattoos for half the farangs who pass through Lop Buri.
  1. My general philosophy in life is that if something terrifies you then you should probably do it; see previous blogs on descending Mt Sinai, getting lost alone at night on Malaysian hills, galloping at 40 miles an hour with my hand in a horse’s mouth, drinking with Yugoslavian gangsters and …shudder …performing karaoke. Ranulph Fiennes said something along the lines of “should you find yourself at the edge of a roaring river where a little dingy is tied up; get in the dinghy immediately and set sail. Don’t wait and ponder, you’ll only psyche yourself out. Just get in the dingy and see where it takes you!” Granted the man has lost half his fingers on his adventures and is probably certifiably insane, or at least undiagnosed ADHD, but I like his style.
  1. I am a part-Welsh, part-English mongrel and I like to refer to myself as just British. One of my biggest pet hates when travelling is this sentence; “British? So English right?” No-no.
  1. I am really looking forwards to getting back to my art business ( and finishing all my projects. Particularly a graphic novel I am currently part-way through and I get to work on with my brother and his magical computer skills.
  1. In precisely 1 month and 3 weeks time I will be leaving Bangkok from Hualamphong Station and taking the train all the way to Paris via 11 different countries. Then it’s just a nice relaxing ferry crossing to bring me home the night before my birthday after 443 days away from all my nearest and dearest. Don’t worry – it won’t be the end of my adventures though!

Here’s the 5 fabulously versatile bloggers I nominate:

  1. Rarasaur (; marvellous observations on life, the universe and everything.
  2. Toemailer (; bonkers pictures of happy toes across the globe interspersed with art and photography!
  3. Eating Kent (; one woman’s amusing quest to do the locally-sourced, seasonal food thing. It’s not often a blog makes you hungry and laugh.
  4. Clotilda Jamcracker (; dreamily illustrated blog full of colourful musings.
  5. Sotardalen Nokota Horses (; probably my favourite blog ever – makes me happy every time I see a new post! But that’s mostly because I’m a horse nut. It’s been beautiful following these wild horses settle down in Sweden.
4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 19, 2013 7:26 pm

    You are Brilliant, Wonderful, Fantastic, Mega, Superb, Mind bendingly talented and defeat all superlatives. Well done and I am delighted that people can at last recognise what an amazing person you are!!!!!

    Was that a little OTT? I think that you deserve it.

    P.S. Why won’t the link allow me to like this entry?????

  2. March 20, 2013 8:46 pm

    😀 Congratulations, your adventures and writings are so great Eira! Have a jolly journey back to the Big Isles!

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